• NAME: The Kite Runner
  • AUTHOR: Khaled Hosseini
  • LANGUAGE: Serbian
  • PUBLISHER: Laguna
  • PUBLISHED: 2003 (2008)
  • TRANSLATOR: Nikola Pajvančić
  • PAGES: 342
  • STARS: 4 (1-5)
    Khaled Hosseini
    My book

This book is about friendship, love, guilt, fear and much more. I found it boring on some pages, like any book. :D But at the very end of the book you see how hard and emotional this book is. So you probably ask then why did I gave 4 stars to this book. Well it's just because I want to leave some space for other books. :) OK maybe I can give it 4,5.


This book is about two boys in Afghanistan. One of them, Amir, is quite rich and another, Hasan, is his servant. They lived together till one incident that changed every thing. After that Amir goes with his father to San Francisco. He marrys, his father dies, he became a writer. Than on call of his father old friend he goes back to Afganistan to save Hasan's son from war. On theirs way to San Francisco a lot of bad things happend. But one day after a year thing may start to be better.