Welcome to the EFE BOOK REVIEWSEdit

Book reviews of any kinds of books, maybe sometimes and movies based on books. You are also be able to ask me questions about books, reading and many more! :) And yes ofcourse you can write your own reviews. ;)


On the begging of my reviews you will see somthing like name, author, publisher etc. So here are a couple thing you should know: Edit

  1. Language: that is the language I read it on, so you

will probably find it on english or any other language.

  1. Publisher: that is publisher of my book, not the original publisher.
  2. Published: first year is when it was originaly published, and seconed when was published my book.
  3. Translator: that is translator on my language, not for any language and not for any publisher.
  4. Pages: my book had that many pages.
  5. Stars: that is just my opinion

Latest activityEdit

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