• NAME: Covet (Fallen angels #1)
  • AUTHOR: J.R.Ward
  • LANGUAGE: Croatian
  • PUBLISHER: Znanje (PDF)
  • PUBLISHED: unknown
  • TRANSLATOR: unknown
  • PAGES: 258 (PDF)
  • STARS: 5 (1-5)

Very nice, intriguing, dangerous, unpredictable. After the first book you want more and more. Even tho it's romance, it is also a kind of a thriller. But I still think this book shouldn't be readed by persons under the age of 15.


Jim Heron is an ex soldier who came to Caldwell and started working for a construction company who's owner is Vin DiPietro. One day Jim had an accident at work, while he was dead he had a meeting with an angels. They gave him a task. So Vin meets Marie-Terese, who has many problems in life. He falls in love with her and dumps his girlfriend, Devina. Jim founds out that Devina is demon who wants to destroy Vin and that his friends Eddie and Adrian are fallen angels. Finally they helped Vin to get rid of Devina and to be with Marie-Terese and Jim becomes a fallen angel as his friends.